Terrarium TV for Android

Terrarium TV is a recent app that excels in providing quality prints of movies and TV episodes to watch and download for free. There is no dearth of apps in the market for this purpose, but Terrarium TV excels due to its subtitles in multiple languages, bookmarking and expansive library.

To get Terrarium TV on Android, however, requires a file called Terrarium TV APK. To know more about it, read our page on Terrarium TV APK here.

Terrarium TV For Android: Installation Procedure

Terrarium TV takes zero effort to install. Follow the steps given below to install the app on your Android Smartphone:

  • Download Terrarium TV APK online for free
  • Go to Settings, Security and then enable Unknown Sources. This will let apk files from outside the Play Store install apps on your device.
  • Tap the file to run the APK file you downloaded.
  • Go through the permissions required by the app thoroughly.
  • If you accept, click “Install”. Terrarium TV should be ready on your Android in no time.

How to use Terrarium TV on Android: User Guide

The Terrarium TV app is relatively easy to follow along compared with most other apps of its genre. Still, there might be those who face occasional difficulty figuring out certain parts of the app. So here is a short user guide to accessing the various features of the app.

How to Stream Movies

Streaming movies is fairly simple. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Launch Terrarium TV app.
  • Scroll to find a movie you want to watch. Or Search for one you like through the search bar.
  • Tap to open it. Click the Play button on the bottom right.
  • Choose a print or resolution from the multiple servers available. Tap it
  • Click “Play”. You can choose to play without subtitles if text is a bother to you. Have fun

How to download a movie you like

Downloading is an easy task as well. It is quite similar to Streaming movies.

  • Find a movie you like on Terrarium and tap to open it.
  • Click the Play button at the bottom and let the server links load.
  • Choose a print you like. Tap to open the options menu
  • Click “Download” and the movie will be queued. You can also download it with subtitles according to your requirements.

Bookmarking and favoriting your movie

Bookmarking is helpful because it helps you find your favorite content later on, if watching or downloading it at the moment is not feasible. Here’s how to bookmark content you like.

  • Open Terrarium and look for your movie.
  • When you find one you like, Tap to open its page.
  • There will be a small star outlined at the top right. Tap it to light it up.

This will favorite your movie and it will show up in your “Bookmark” list which you can access through the hamburger menu on the top left of the app’s home screen.

Access subtitles on the content

This can be a bit hard to find. Follow these steps.

  • Go to the top right of the app’s home screen to the menu.
  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to “Choose subtitles language(s)”.
  • You can tap it to select as many languages as you want. Subtitles for whichever language are provided and selected by you will be downloaded when you choose to get subtitles.
  • Just below, you can choose your subtitle preferences for services like SubHD, Makedie and Zimuku as well.

You can choose to download or watch your content with or without subtitles, as per your preference each time.


How to chromecast your content to a larger screen

Chromecasting is the latest fad among smartphone users. To cast your content onto a big screen, you need an app like LocalCast or AllCast, and a casting enabled media player like GrowBox along with WiFi connectivity. If your TV is not Chromecast enabled, you can buy a Chromecast device and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. Here’s what to do next:

  • Open your favorite movie on Terrarium TV.
  • Tap to Play, select your preferred resolution and click “Play” or “Play without Subtitles”, as per your choice.
  • GrowBox should automatically pick up the video link. If not, use the “Open With” option and then choose “GrowBox”.
  • Go to the three buttons on the top right of Growbox’s screen and click “Tools” and then “Cast”.
  • Use the casting app you have and connect with your TV as you normally do.

Your content should begin playing on your TV normally. You can seek the movie as you would on MX Player and the changes will be replicated on the big screen as well. It’s pretty cool!

Hopefully this helps some of you get what you need with Terrarium TV. Write to us if you’d like us to talk about something we missed out here.