Terrarium TV for PC

Windows users can now access Terrarium TV on their PC. If you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, there is a simple way to run Terrarium TV on your computer.

Why Install Terrarium TV for PC:

Terrarium TV’s features make it quite the essential app for movie and TV show fans. This Android app can play high quality movies and TV shows, with subtitles in your preferred language, and also download and chromecast your content for everyone to enjoy.

Even though it is an Android app, Terrarium TV can be made to run on your Windows PC, using an Android Emulator software that you can download for free. BlueStacks is recommended for beginners. If you prefer to have good graphics along with utility, go for Andy. ManyMo is a paid, online-only emulator that is often prefered by app developers. For this purpose, the basic BlueStacks should suffice.

A Little on Android Emulators:

Android Emulators are software that mimic Android OS on your PC or Mac. Emulators eliminate the need to boot the PC to use different OS, and accommodate their OS in the other’s interface. To get BlueStacks, visit the official site of the app, bluestacks.com. Andy can be downloaded for free from its site andyroid.net. ManyMo can be accessed only via manymo.com, where you can upload your apk files and use them.

How to Install Terrarium TV for PC:

Follow these easy steps to install Terrarium TV on your PC.


  • Download Terrarium TV APK

    Read our page on Terrarium TV APK to find out how.
  • Download BlueStacks

    You can visit the official site and download the file from there. It is an exe file of around 25 MB, which shouldn’t take long to download on an average internet connection.
  • Install BlueStacks

    Run the downloaded file and you should be guided through the setup. Save your work on other applications before, so you can reboot the PC if asked to.
  • Set up your account

    Run BlueStacks and login using a Gmail account. You can make one afresh in the same window if you want.
  • Open Terrarium TV APK on BlueStacks

    Right click the downloaded apk file. Click “Open With” and pick BlueStacks from the list of programs that comes up. The app will begin installing.
  • Run Terrarium TV

    Once the installation is complete, you will receive a notification. You can now go to “My Apps”, choose “Terrarium TV” from the list and use it to your heart’s content.

Try out Terrarium TV on your PC and experience entertainment and ease like nowhere else.